Things Overheard During The Clinton/Kennedy Sailing Trip 10.

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Things Overheard During the Clinton/Kennedy Sailing Trip

10. "No, Bill, I'm not seasick -- I always throw up this time of day"
9. "Isn't there a way to catch fish that are already fried?"
8. "We're listing to the left -- get Ted's head back to the center
of the boat"
7. "Who wants another Chivas and salt water?"
6. "The main sail just ripped -- Senator, can we borrow your pants?"
5. "This time I'll be Captain Steubing and you can be Gopher"
4. "If you're outside U.S. waters, it's technically not adultery"
3. "That's not a doughnut, Mr. President -- it's a life preserver" *
2. "Isn't a case of Jim Beam a bit much for a 30-minute boat ride?"
1. "Ship ahoy, Captain Tubby!"

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