An Office Manager Learned That, Due To Increased Operating Costs And Slumping Sales, He Would Have To Let One Of His Employees Go.

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An office manager learned that, due to increased operating costs and slumping
sales, he would have to let one of his employees go. After much thought he
narrowed his choices down to two employees: Liz and Jack. Both were equal in
seniority and both were good workers, so the manager decided that he would
watch the two at work the next day and the first one to leave their desk was
the one who would be let go. When they arrived in the morning, both Liz and
Jack got right to work, and the manager began to wonder if his plan would
work. About mid-morning, however, Liz got up from her desk and asked Jack
for some aspirin. The manager had his victim. He caught up with Liz at the
water fountain: "I'm afraid I have a dilemma here," he said. "I'm going to
have to lay you or Jack off." "Well then, jack off," Liz snapped. "I've got
a headache!"