This Low Budget Oil Producer Had An Oil Well That Was On Fire.

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This low budget oil producer had an oil well that was on fire. He
called every oil well fire fighter in the phone book. All of them
were very expensive. Red Adair wanted $25,000 just to come look
at the fire. There was no way he could afford this. Finally, he
noticed an ad for Jose's Fire Fighting Service. He called Jose
and asked how much he charged?

Jose said, "Senor, I only charge $1,000." The producer thought,
Great! "Well OK Jose, come on out and look at my oil well fire."

The producer was standing on a hill looking at his oil well fire
when a pickup truck with Jose's Fire Fighting on the door and ten
Mexicans in the back came across the hill and drove straight into
the fire.

All of the Mexicans got out of the truck and started stomping
their feet and waiving their serapes screaming, "Ariba! Ariba!"

After about fifteen minutes, the fire was out. The producer
couldn't believe it. The fire was out! The producer yelled,
"Congratulations Jose! What are you going to do with the $1,000?"

Jose answered, "Well senor, the first thing I do is feex the
brakes on this truck..."