This Story Is TRUE: Told By The Pilot And Confirmed By ATC.

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This story is TRUE: told by the pilot and confirmed by ATC.

Southend ATC: National 676 - Cleared for takeoff; report passing 2000ft.

NAA676: Cleared for takeoff; call you passing 2000.

NAA676: Southend 676 is passing 2000, climbing

Southend ATC: 676 call London 128.6

NAA676: To London 128.6 - see you on the way home.

(in the process of changing freq. 676 loses the door - yes the DOOR on a

NAA676: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday London Control this is National 676, 4 miles
west of Southend, 2500 ft - I've lost the door and am returning climbing to
4000 ft and returning to Southend.

London ATC: NAA 676, roger. Are you in control of the Aircraft ?

NAA676: No more than usual !!!!