Direct From The ABS Convention At IWS (West Houston, TX)

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Direct from the ABS convention at IWS (West Houston, TX): On arrival day for
the ABS convention, an FAA Flight Check aircraft showed up to flight check
the instrument approaches at IWS. Was interesting to watch them try to do
this with lots of traffic in the pattern. Also, the tower was a temporary
VFR facility which was having major problems since the notam about the
temporary tower had the wrong frequency listed.

FL 98: Good morning West Houston Tower. Flight check 98 with you and
we are inbound on the RNAV 33 approach. Will be low approach
only at MDA.

IWS Twr: Roger, Flight check 98. Be advised we have multiple aircraft
inbound for 15 and lots of NORDO traffic.

[NORDO = ATC does not have radio contact with these aircraft]

FL 98: Roger, will break off the approach at MAP.

[MAP = Missed Approach Point on the instrument approach procedure being

IWS Twr: Roger, break off the approach to the West. What are your
intentions after the RNAV 33 approach?

FL 98: We plan to flight check the RNAV 15 approach.

IWS Twr: Roger, have fun out there.

. . . . as FL98 breaks off the approach

FL 98: Flightcheck 98 requesting frequency change.

IWS Twr: Roger, Flight check 98. Contact departure on 123.8

FL 98: 23.8. See you later

. . . several minutes later

FL 98: West Houston Tower, Flight check 98 back with you on the
RNAV 15 approach. Low approach only.

IWS Twr: Roger Flight check 98. Be advised we have multiple NORDO
aircraft in the pattern and 15 is the active at West Houston.

FL 98: Roger. By the way, are you aware that the localizer to 15
is out of service? <side note, there is no LOC 15!>

IWS Twr: Uhhh - we weren't aware that there was a localizer at this
airport. Say again.

FL 98: Isn't this Southwest?

IWS Twr: Negative sir. Houston Southwest is 21 miles SE of here.

FL 98: Oops, never mind. We're at the wrong airport.

IWS Twr: No problem. By the way, the LOC at Southwest is to runway 9.
Say intentions.

FL 98: Think we want to start this day over again. We'll complete
checking the RNAV 15 and be departing the area.

IWS Twr: Roger. At the MAP, make a right turn westbound and contact
departure on 123.8. No one in the TRACON is ever going to
believe this story.