Falcon Codes


Falcon Codes - a numerical code used to indicate ones displeasure or to pass a rude comment over the radio or messages.

801 You've got to be shitting me.
802 Get off my f---ing back.
803 Beats the shit out of me.
804 What the f---.
805 I hate this f---ing place.
806 It's so f---ing bad, I can't believe it.
807 This place sucks.
808 F--- you very much.
809 Lovely, simply f---ing lovely.
810 That damn club.
811 Beautiful, just f---ing beautiful.
812 F---, shit, piss.
813 Hair pie, fur burgers.
814 I just got screwed.
815 Big f---ing deal.
816 Hang it in your ear.
817 Get bent.
818 DILLIGAS (Do I Look Like I Give A Shit?).
819 I don't give a shit.
820 Merry F---ing Christmas.
821 F--- it, just f--- it.
822 Hot shit.
823 Bitching.
824 Tell someone who gives a shit.
825 Don't get f---ing wise.
826 I don't give a f---.
827 Pardon me, sir, you obviously mistook me for someone who gives a shit.
828 I didn't design the f---ing thing. I just bought the f---ing thing.
829 Your ass sucks wind.
830 It won't f---ing work.
831 Go pound sand up your ass.
832 F--- off.
833 Who called this f---ing meeting.
834 FUBAR (F---ed Up Beyond All Repair).
835 Unf---ing Believable.
836 Adios mother f---er.
837 F--- you.
838 No shit.
839 No f---ing shit.
840 Go to hell.
841 Ho, f---ing, ho.
900 Cool it.
902 I'm free this weekend.
903 Take your time. I don't want to be stuck with this ass for lunch.
904 Help me dump this mother.
905 Let's ball at lunch.
906 I'm free tonight.
907 Tied up with wife/husband tonight.
908 Call me at home to come back to work.
909 Call back later. My wife/husband is listening.
910 Let's take off sick together.
911 Meet you at the motel.
912 Let's snag them for tonight.
913 Can't do better for now. At least they'll be a fill in.
914 Let's trade balling partners.
915 Is he/she available?
916 Muddy field. Couldn't play.
917 SNEAK (Situation Normal All Fucked Up).
918 Bullshit.
919 This frigging thing.
920 Tall boy day.
921 Joint session.
922 You pecker.
923 Cocks---er.
924 Plain obscene.
925 Nice ass.
926 If you can't take a joke, f--- ya.

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