Air Farce


Here are some (supposedly) actual maintenance complaints submitted by US Air Force pilots and the replies from the maintenance crews:

  • Problem: "Left inside main tire almost needs replacement."
    Solution: "Almost replaced left inside main tire."
  • Problem: "Test flight OK, except autoland very rough."
    Solution: "Autoland not installed on this aircraft."
  • Problem: "No. 2 Propeller seeping prop fluid."
    Solution: "No. 2 Propeller seepage normal."
    Solution: "No. 1, No. 3, and No. 4 Propellers lack normal seepage."
  • Problem: "Something loose in cockpit."
    Solution: "Something tightened in cockpit."
  • Problem: "Evidence of hydraulic leak on right main landing gear."
    Solution: "Evidence removed."
  • Problem: "Dead bugs on windshield."
    Solution: "Live bugs on order."
  • Problem: "Autopilot in altitude hold mode produces a 200 fpm descent."
    Solution: "Cannot reproduce problem on ground."
  • Problem: "IFF inoperative."
    Solution: "IFF inoperative in OFF mode."
  • Problem: "Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick."
    Solution: "That's what they're there for."
  • Problem: "Number three engine missing."
    Solution: "Engine found on right wing after brief search."

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