Burns: Smithers, Guess What Happened To Me Last Night?

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Burns: Smithers, guess what happened to me last night?
Smithers: I don't know, sir. You had sex with that old woman?
Burns: She said "no" to me! Do you know how many women have said
"no" to me? One hundred thirty, but only one since I've
become a billionaire. And _she's_ the one for me. I'm in
love! [Smithers groans]
Smithers: Whoop-de-do, sir.
Burns: Yes, whoop-de-do! Whoop-de-do to the world. Whoop-de-do, Mr.
Florist. Whoop-de-do, Mr. Physical Trainer. Whoop-de-do, Mr.
Clinton: I'm happy you finally found love.
Burns: Whoop-de-do, Tarantula Town! [grabs PA mike] Whoop-de-do,
employees! Everyone who's found true love may leave early
Everyone: Yay! [run off, except one man, who cries]
-- Being singled-out, "Lady Bouvier's Lover"