Marge Answers The Door] Moe: Oh, H -- Hi, Marge.

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[Marge answers the door]
Moe: Oh, h -- hi, Marge. I heard you and Homer broke up so I'm
declaring my intentions to move in on his territory. Here, I,
uh...brung you some posies.
Marge: Oh, my! I'm very flattered, but I'm not really interested.
Moe: Jeez, I come here, get dressed up all nice-like, put my heart on
the line and I make a fool of myself. Oh, boy. Aw, I'm gonna
start bawling here.
Marge: Oh, why don't you come inside for a drink of water?
Moe: [voice breaking] 'K.
-- More of Moe's tender side,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"