Lenny: You Want Another Card Or Not? Homer: Huh? Oh, OK.

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Lenny: You want another card or not?
Homer: Huh? Oh, OK. I'll take three. [Moe deals them] D'oh! D'oh!
D'oh! I mean...woo hoo.
Moe: I'm in. [tosses a chip into the pot] Let's see your cards.
Homer: Oh, I was bluffing. [shows them]
Moe: Ha ha. Come to papa -- wait a minute! You have a straight
flush, Homer! You do this every time, you -- oh, you -- oh!
Gah! I'm choking on my own rage here.
Carl: Hey, don't yell at Homer. Just 'cause he's a little slow...
Homer: [gasps] [thinks] Something was said...not good. What was it?
"Don't yell at Homer!" No, that's OK. What was it? ...Slow!
They called you slow!
[stands up, yells] How dare you call me that! I -- huh?
[Lenny walks into empty kitchen wearing night cap]
Lenny: [opens fridge] Hey, Homer, you still here? Boy, you _are_ slow.
Homer: [thinks] Something said...not good.
Lenny: Get the hell out of here!
-- All the power of his brain,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"