Willy: {Spill It! Where's Your Brother?} Skinner: {You'd Better Answer Him, Lisa.

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Willy: {Spill it! Where's your brother?}
Skinner: {You'd better answer him, Lisa. He's a bad man.
[Lisa giggles]
What are you laughing about?}
Lisa: {You started off as the bad cop, but now you're the good one!
You and Willy got mixed up about ten minutes ago.}
Skinner: {We did not! Now where's Bart? You better tell me!}
Willy: {Oh, you better tell him, lassie. I cannot control him when he
gets like this!}
Lisa: {[laughs] Now _you're_ the good cop!}
Willy: {What?!}
-- Not getting their act together,
"The Boy Who Knew Too Much"