Homer: Come On, Lisa, Say Something Funny. [holds A Tape Recorded With A Microphone] Lisa

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Homer: Come on, Lisa, say something funny.
[holds a tape recorded with a microphone]
Lisa: Like what?
Homer: Oh, something stupid like Bart would say. "Bucka Bucka" or
"Woozle Wuzzle": something like that.
Lisa: Forget it, Dad. If I ever become famous, I want it to be for
something worthwhile, not because of some obnoxious fad.
Bart: Obnoxious fad?
Homer: Aw, don't worry, son. You know, they said the same thing about
Urkel, a -- that little snot boy! I'd like to smash that kid!
-- Homer's temper flares, "Bart Gets Famous"