Wiggum: Hold It Right There. [gets Out His Car] Well, If It Isn't Springfield's Finest Little Babysitter, Lisa Simpson!

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Wiggum: Hold it right there. [gets out his car] Well, if it isn't
Springfield's finest little babysitter, Lisa Simpson!
Lisa: Hi! How are you??
Wiggum: Um, I'm fine. Now, Lisa, when you're walking down the side
of the road, always wanna be sure to go _with_ traffic, okay?
Well... is that with traffic, or against traffic? No, it's
with traffic. With traffic. Anyway, good night.
Lisa: Whew.
Wiggum: Uh, hold on a minute! Let me have a look at that
wheelbarrow, please.
Lisa: Okay. [Lisa looks up at Wiggum, feeling the jig is up]
Wiggum: Just as I thought! It's a Yard King! That is a quality
barrow. Well, I gotta run.
-- Nothing gets past him, "My Sister, My Sitter"