Bart: I'm Outta Here. Skinny, Krabby, Catch Ya Later.

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Bart: I'm outta here. Skinny, Krabby, catch ya later.
Skinner: Uh, hold on, Bart. May we have a word with you?
Krabappel: We want to thank you for helping us through a difficult
Bart: Oh, no problemo. So I guess now you'll be getting married
or something, huh?
Krabappel: Well, actually, Seymour and I have decided to break up.
Bart: Huh?
Skinner: Mm. We can't continue on like this, trying to build a
private relationship in public, the whole town watching our
every move with a fine-toothed comb.
Krabappel: Mmm-hmm. I'm used to humiliation but not in front of a
crowd that size.
Bart: Aw, but you seemed like such a good couple.
Krabappel: Bart. When you get a little older you're going to learn
that sometimes romances don't turn out exactly the way
you'd like them to.
Bart: [sighs and trudges out of the building]
Skinner: That's why I love elementary school, Edna. The children
believe anything you tell them.
-- "Grade School Confidential"