Bart: That's It, I Can't Take This Any More, Milhouse.

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Bart: That's it, I can't take this any more, Milhouse. I've got to
get the real teachers back.
Milhouse: Bart, you'll never get Krabappel and Skinner together again.
They're like two positively charged ions.
Bart: Zuh? Wait! That's it! With your booksmarts, and my ability
to exploit people with booksmarts, we can figure out a clever
plan to get them back together!
Edna: A surprise party for _me_? In Principal Skinner's office?
Well, I don't know, but...all right.
Skinner: Me? Go to my office? Well, it's highly irregular, but all
[Bart padlocks them into the office]
Bart: And you're not coming out until you reach an agreement!
-- The clever plan, "The PTA Disbands"