Edna: Go Away, Bart, This Is Not A Good Time. Ba

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Edna: Go away, Bart, this is not a good time.
Bart: I saw you two fighting...I'm worried there could be a strike
and the school would shut down.
Edna: [scoffs] I'm sure you'd really hate that. There's not going to
be a strike, Bart.
Bart: Yeah...Skinner says you wouldn't have the won tons to go
through with it.
Edna: Skinner said _that_?
Bart: Well, I had to clean it up a little.
[in Skinner's office]
Basically, Krabappel said you'd give the teachers everything
they want.
Skinner: She did?
Bart: Yeah. She said you'd fold faster than Superman on laundry day.
Skinner: We'll see about that. Simpson, I always thought you were...
sneaky and manipulative. Now I see you're really a very
sensitive little boy.
Bart: Thank you, Sir.
Skinner: Aww...
-- Bart sows dissent, "The PTA Disbands"