Homer: Ooh, "Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions"! I'm Great At These.

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Homer: Ooh, "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions"! I'm great at these.
Ask me if something smells funny in here, Boy.
Bart: Does something smell funny in here?
Homer: I don't think so...stupid! [laughs to self]
Marge: [walking in] Homey, you want pork chops?
Homer: No, I want roast beef, you clod! [laughs some more]
Bart: Look at this: "Special Insert: Iron-On Mad-Ness!"
[reads iron-ons] "Ban the Bath"..."Don't Trust Anyone Over
Ten"..."Sock It To Me!" [laughs to self]
Marge: Hmm. Those magazines create a dangerous amount of laughter.
Homer: [trying to do Fold-In] "The Al-ighty -ollar?" [laughs] Oh, I get
-- The bastion of magazine humor, "Team Homer"