Bart: You Know, I Have This Feeling That We Forgot Something.

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Bart: You know, I have this feeling that we forgot something...
Abe: [still on the plane] Aaaaah!
Homer: Ehh, I'm sure it's nothing.
Lisa: Mom, are you feeling any better?
Marge: Yes, but I'd rather not talk about it.
Homer: Permit _me_ to solve the mystery: your mother has a fear of
Bart: So much for the days when I could say, "At least my _mother_'s
Marge: Well, everybody's got a fear of something.
Homer: Not everybody.
Marge: [to Homer] Sock puppets!
Homer: Where?! Where?! Aah! Aah!
Lisa: Mom, are you _sure_ you don't want to discuss it?
Marge: Sure as sugar...[laughs awkwardly]
-- No dysfunctionality here, "Fear of Flying"