Lisa: [laughing Nervously] Just A Couple More Blocks To My House!

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Lisa: [laughing nervously] Just a couple more blocks to my house!
[laughs more, then starts hyperventilating]
Hugh: Lisa, darling, don't worry: I'm sure I'll get along with your
family. You've so thoroughly prepared me for the worst. As long
as they're not squatting in a ditch poking berries up their
Lisa: [breathing heavily] And if they are?
Bart: [seeing them] Here they come: raise the flag!
[Homer does so; it sparks as it touches something electrical]
Marge: Oh, Lisa!
Homer: Yo, Hugh! Here's a little bit of US hospitality: whaddaya think
of _that_?
[the flag is now on fire]
[Hugh gasps]
Lisa: Dad!
Homer: Aah!
[he and Bart pull it down and stomp on it]
Marge: Now throw compost on it!
[they do so]
Homer: Whew! [hands the flag to Hugh] Er, enjoy.
Hugh: Oh...[a tear forms] it's still warm.
[Lisa hyperventilates some more]
-- Sounds worse than the berries scenario,
"Lisa's Wedding"