Bob: [high-pitched] All Springfield Trembles Before The Might Of Sideshow Bob!

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Bob: [high-pitched] All Springfield trembles before the might of
Sideshow Bob! Blasted helium! Shoo...shoo...shoo.
[normal voice] Ha ha, that's better!
[turns channels on the TV and sees only static]
Gone. [click]
Gone too. [click]
Fabulous. [click]
Marvelous. [click]
[the Emergency Broadcast System logo appears]
[Bob begins to walk away until he hears Krusty's voice]
Announcer: This is the Emergency Broadcast System. Stand by for an
urgent bulletin.
Krusty: [on TV] Hey Hey! [laughs] Krusty the Clown is back on the
air! no, _twelve_ hours of day. The only game in
Bob: Krusty! But how?!
Krusty: I'm comin' at you live from the civil defense shack in the
remote Alkali Flats of the Springfield Badlands! I'll be
beaming out eleven watts of wackiness! Hour after hour of
unscripted, unrehearsed comedy. Featuring...uh...uh...
Professor Gas Can! And, uh, [grabs photo] former President
Ike Eisenhower! [imitative] Let's get busy!
Bob: Oh, my utopia lies in ruins! How naive of me to think a mere
atom bomb could fell the chattering cyclops!
-- TV, almighty, "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"