Bart: [gasps] Sideshow Bob! [everyone Gasps And Screams] Bob

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Bart: [gasps] Sideshow Bob!
[everyone gasps and screams]
Bob: [on TV] Hello, Springfield. Sorry to divert your attention
from all the big noises and shiny things. But something's been
troubling me lately: television! Wouldn't our lives be so much
richer if television were done away with?
Moe: What?!
Hibbert: [scoffs] Surely he's not talking about VH-1.
Bob: Why, we could revive the lost arts of conversation...and
scrimshaw. Thus I submit to you we abolish television,
Homer: Go back to Massachusetts, pinko!
Bob: Oh, and one more thing. I've...stolen a nuclear weapon. If
you do not rid this city of television within two hours, I will
detonate it. Farewell.
-- Bob's evil parting words,
"Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"