Bart: Attention, Fellow Children! Krusty Didn't Rob That Store!

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Bart: Attention, fellow children! Krusty didn't rob that store!
Sideshow Bob framed him, and I got proof!
[whams Sideshow Bob's foot with a mallet]
Sideshow Bob: [hopping and grabbing his foot]
Ow! You lousy, stupid clumsy...
Kids: Gasp!
Bart: See that? Krusty wore big, floppy shoes, but he's got little
feet, like all good-hearted people. [whams Sideshow Bob's other
Sideshow Bob: [on the floor, grabbing his feet]
Bart: But Sideshow Bob really filled those shoes with these ugly feet!
[removes Sideshow Bob's shoe, revealing his big, ugly feet]
The Cop: [watching the show, eating donuts] Kid's right.
The Other Cop: [doing the same] How do you suppose we missed that?
-- "Krusty Gets Busted"