Wiggum: [gasping, Panting] No...no! Wait A Minute -- [tries Breathing] Bronchial Tubes Clearing.

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Wiggum: [gasping, panting] No...no! Wait a minute --
[tries breathing] Bronchial tubes clearing...asthma
disappearing! Acne remains, but...asthma disappearing.
[an alarm bell goes off]
Burns: [running toward the building] My germs, my precious germs!
They never harmed a soul. They never even had a chance!
Whoever did this will never get past me --
[the crowd of hippies runs out the door and tramples him]
Grandma: [going back] You poor man...let me help you up.
[she does so; Burns sees her and smiles]
Burns: _You_ just made a very big mistake. You'll spend the rest of
your life in pri --
[Wiggum slams the door open and crushes Burns behind it]
Wiggum: My asthma's gone! Listen to me breathe --
[snorts] Waaah! [snorts] Waaah!
-- We'd rather not, thanks, "Mother Simpson"