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Marge: [hearing the doorbell] Just a second!
Homer: D'oh! [whimpers] Huh? [spots a bookcase]
I never looked behind this whatchamacallit case before.
[chuckles; leans on wall, but his hand goes through it]
Huh? [swirls his hand around] It's like something out of that
twilighty show about that zone.
[Marge opens the door]
Patty: How's it hanging, Marge?
Selma: Ugh! I'm baking like a meatloaf under this wet wool.
[opens coat closet, catches Bart and Lisa hiding there]
Bart: Uh...[nervous smile] may I take your coat, Aunt Selma?
Lisa: Um...I would also like to take your coat.
Selma: Have we got a family activity for you:
Patty: A pillowcase full of seashells from our trip to Sulfur Bay.
Selma: You can help us clean and organize them.
Patty: And pry out all the dead hermit crabs. Get a screwdriver.
-- Fun? Wow, "Treehouse of Horror VI"