Goodman: I'm Very Proud Of You People. You've Learned How To Care For Your Children, You've Learned How To Maintain Your Homes, And You've All Passed A Drug Test.

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Goodman: I'm very proud of you people. You've learned how to care for
your children, you've learned how to maintain your homes, and
you've all passed a drug test. Except for Marge -- Marge, you
tested positive for Crack and PCP.
Marge: Oh my!
["Fifteen minutes later"]
Goodman: OK, the retest says you're clean. Sorry about the mistake.
Marge: The only thing I'm high on is for my son and
daughters. Yes, a little LSD is all I need.
Goodman: All right, sounds very good.
-- Marge makes drug puns,
"Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily"