Bart: [to Himself] That Does It, I'm Outta Here. [scribbles Something On Paper] Mrs.

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Bart: [to himself] That does it, I'm outta here.
[scribbles something on paper]
Mrs. Krabappel, I have to go to the dentist. I have a carroway
seed caught under my bridgework. [hands her the note] My Mom's
number's on there if you want to check up on me.
Edna: That's OK, Bart. I trust you.
[in Skinner's office, Skinner holds a magnifying glass]
Skinner: [reading] "Please excuse my handwriting, I busted whichever
hand it is I write with. Signed, Mrs. Simpson." You were
right to be suspicious, Edna. To the crime lab!
-- High-tech elementary schools,
"The Boy Who Knew Too Much"