Hugh: I've Never Met Anyone Who So Understood The Magic Of Jim Carrey.

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Hugh: I've never met anyone who so understood the magic of Jim Carrey.
Lisa: He can make you laugh with no more than a frantic flailing of his
[later, back at "Dr. & Mrs. Dre Hall"]
Hugh: Mmm, I can't believe how much we have in common. We're both
studying the environment, we're both utterly humorless about our
vegetarianism, and we both _love_ the Rolling Stones.
Lisa: Yes, not for the music, but for their tireless effort to preserve
historic buildings.
Hugh: Lisa, I can't _bear_ the thought of being apart from you all
summer. Come back with me to Parkfield Manor.
Lisa: I'd love to! Can we get vegetarian meals at your parents' house?
Hugh: Yes, we can, Lisa.
Lisa: _That_ is good because eating animals is wrong.
Hugh: So very wrong.
Lisa: When will the world learn?
Hugh: [mournful] I don't know. I just don't know.
-- Two crusaders against the omnivores of the world,
"Lisa's Wedding"