Lisa: This Place Is So Enchanting, Hugh. I Love It Here!

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Lisa: This place is so enchanting, Hugh. I love it here!
Hugh: I wanted this to be perfect for you. I know you Americans like
everything to be...fireworks.
[some explode in the distance]
Lisa: [gasps] Oh? [sees a sign lighting up slowly]
["Lisa, will you do me the honor of giving me your hand in the
holy tradition of matrimo --" then it burns out]
Hugh: Oh, blast. [speaking into his watch] Go to plan B.
[a cow walks out with a hand-painted "Marry me" sign]
Lisa: Yes I will!
[they kiss]
Man 1: Isn't it wonderful? Master Hugh has found a true love.
[he and Man 2 both weep; their heads melt]
-- More lousy androids, "Lisa's Wedding"