Lisa: Hi, Mom. Marge: Lisa! Hello. How Are You Doing In England?

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Lisa: Hi, Mom.
Marge: Lisa! Hello. How are you doing in England? Remember, an
elevator is called a "lift", a mile is called a "kilometer", and
botulism is called "steak and kidney pie".
Lisa: Guess what? Hugh and I are getting married!
Marge: All right! Lisa, that's _wonderful_. If only your father were
still with us...but he left for work a few minutes ago.
Lisa: Mom, remember when I was little, we'd always planned my dream
wedding and you always promised know, well, keep Dad
from ruining it?
Marge: [crossing her fingers] Oh, don't worry, honey, I guarantee your
father will behave.
Lisa: [nonplussed] Mom, it's a picture phone.
Marge: [looking at her fingers] This? This? Oh, no, I've just got a
touch of the rheumatiz.
Lisa: Oh.
Marge: [wipes her brow] Phew!
Lisa: Mom, picture phone.
-- The disadvantage of technology, "Lisa's Wedding"