Marge: Homer, What If This Doesn't Work? Homer: Well, Then I Have A Backup Plan.

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Marge: Homer, what if this doesn't work?
Homer: Well, then I have a backup plan. See? While the unprepared are
still sitting around twiddling their thumbs and going --
[twiddles his thumbs, hums a goofy tune]
Bart: {[interrupts] Dad! The plan.}
Homer: {I'm getting to that! So anyway, they're going -- [twiddles his
thumbs more, hums more]}
Bart: [interrupts] Dad!
Homer: So anyway, we get in our car and take the bridge out of town, all
the while they're still going -- [twiddles his thumbs and hums
Lisa: [interrupts] Dad, they're firing the rocket!
Homer: [knocked backwards by the blast] All right!
-- The alternate plan cut short, "Bart's Comet"