Marge: I Keep Having The Same Dream. I'm The Mother From "Lost In Space".

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Marge: I keep having the same dream. I'm the mother from "Lost in
[scene shift to Marge's dream]
Marge: Ready for breakfast, Dr. Smith?
Homer: Oh, being stuck on this godforsaken planet has vanquished what
little appetite I have. [sits down, mows down]
Lisa: [as a robot] Warning. Warning. Dr. Smith refuses to do his
Homer: Why, you clattering clank of cogs and -- my fair lady, as you
well know, my back is a disaster area. Oh, the pain. Oh, the
pain of it all!
Lisa: Danger. Danger. My hook are flailing wildly.
[a rocket takes off]
Marge: Wait! Wait, Daddy, please don't leave. Take me with you!
[back to the office]
Zweig: Marge, are you aware you just said "Please don't leave" to your
Marge: No I didn't.
Zweig: Yes you did. And you also infringed on any number of copyrights.
-- Dr. Zweig, psychiatric lawyer, "Fear of Flying"