Marge: Do You Think Those Things Could Also Have Contributed To My Fear Of Flying?

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Marge: Do you think those things could also have contributed to my fear
of flying?
Zweig: [brusque] Yes, yes, it's all a rich tapestry.
Marge: Oh, well, thank you doctor. You've changed my life!
Zweig: You know, Marge, we've really just begun to scratch the surface.
There's still the far more serious problem of your husband.
Homer: [walking in] That's OK, you don't have to make her into some kind
of superwoman. She can get on a plane, that's plenty. [rushes
Marge out]
Marge: Thank you, doctor. Whenever the wind whistles through the
leaves, I'll think "Lowenstein", "Lowenstein".
Zweig: My name is Zweig.
Marge: [whispering] Lowenstein...
-- Marge the old honeydripper, "Fear of Flying"