Homer: They're Ruining My Whole Life. Marge, Please, This Is Where I Need You The Mo

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Homer: They're ruining my whole life. Marge, please, this is where I
need you the most: I'm counting on you do to something or say
something to make it all better. OK...go!
Marge: Homer --
Homer: [anxious] Uh huh?
Marge: -- I already talked to the indignation coordinator out on the
lawn today. I told her you were a decent man, but she wouldn't
listen. Besides standing by you and supporting you, there isn't
any more I can do.
Homer: You mean...I'm on my own? I've never been on my own! Oh no...on
own...on own! I need help...oh, God, help me. Help me, God!
[phone rings, Homer answers it very slowly]
Homer: [very slowly] Y'ello?
Man: Hello, Homer. This is God...frey Jones from the TV magazine show
"Rock Bottom".
-- Does the first syllable count?, "Homer Bad Man"