Lisa: Remember, Bart -- I Mean, Dances In Underwear -- We Take The White Man Alive.

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Lisa: Remember, Bart -- I mean, Dances In Underwear -- we take the
White Man alive.
Bart: All right, Thinks Too Much: it shall be so.
Milhouse: Keep your eyes peeled for Injuns -- I mean, Native Americans.
They're after us because we gave them those blankets infected
with cooties.
Ralph: I ate all my caps. [one explodes] Ouch!
Bart: [appearing] Throw down your weapons and kiss the prairie,
[Milhouse, Lewis, Ralph do so]
Milhouse: Oh, why do we have to pay this corny old game anyway? I
brought my jacks...[starts playing] [gasps] I got twosies!
[Nelson appears with a large gun shoots everyone]
Bart: That's not fair, Nelson. They didn't have the Killmatic 3000
back then.
Nelson: Hey: records from that era are spotty at best.
-- The children play on a Sunday morning,
"Bart's Girlfriend"