Marge: Well, I'm Sure Some Of You Already Know Me.

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Marge: Well, I'm sure some of you already know me. I'm Bart
Simpson's mother.
[everyone laughs; Nelson pushes Bart]
[Marge goes up to Bart and starts wiping dirt off his cheek]
Bart: Mom!
Milhouse: Hey, Bart! What about the booby trap?
[Bart gasps, runs up to the front, removes tack from chair]
Bart: May I? [pulls out her chair]
Marge: Thank you.
Everyone: Teacher's pet! Momma's boy! etc.
Milhouse: I meant the other booby trap!
[Bart gasps, dives for Marge, pushes her out of the way]
[a huge log crashes into the blackboard]
Marge: Oh, kids have been doing that one since my day.
-- The youth of yesteryear, "The PTA Disbands"