Edna: Tighten Those Braids, Missy...hoist Your Flag, Dooley.

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Edna: Tighten those braids, Missy...hoist your flag, Dooley...
Nelson, you look adorable.
Nelson: I feel like punching myself.
Edna: Bart, stop scratching. You're messing up your hair.
[goes to comb it, sees bugs hopping around in his hair]
Aah! Lice?! How on earth does a boy get head lice in _this_
day and age?
[flashback to Bart with a monkey on his head]
Milhouse: We bought a wicker basket from Pier One, and he was passed out
[back to the present]
Bart: Hey, how come I get lice and nothing happens to Milhouse?
Milhouse: [pale and shivering] So c-cold, so very very cold...
-- Nothing but the ol' Ebola virus,
"Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum- Doodily"