Now That You've Read Fortune's Diet Truths, You'll Be Prepared The Next Time Some Housewife Or Boutique Owner Turned Diet Expert Appears On TV To Plug Her Latest Book.

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Now that you've read Fortune's diet truths, you'll be prepared the next time
some housewife or boutique owner turned diet expert appears on TV to plug
her latest book. And, if you still feel a twinge of guilt for eating coffee
cake while listening to her exhortations, ask yourself the following questions:

1: Do I dare trust a person who actually considers alfalfa sprouts a food?
2: Was the author's sole motive in writing this book to get rich
exploiting the forlorn hopes of chubby people like me?
3: Would a longer life be worthwhile if it had to be lived as prescribed...
without French-fried onion rings, pizza with double cheese, or the
occasional Mai-Tai? (Remember, living right doesn't really make
you live longer, it just *seems* like longer.)

That, and another piece of coffee cake, should do the trick.