Joey: If You Ask Me, As Long As You Got This Job, You've Got Nothing Pushing You To Get Another One.

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Joey: If you ask me, as long as you got this job, you've got nothing pushing
you to get another one. You need the fear.

Rachel: The fear?

Chandler: He's right, if you quit this job, you then have motivation to go
after a job you really want.

Rachel: Well then how come you're still at a job that you hate, I mean why
don't you quit and get `the fear'?

[Chandler and Joey both laugh]

Chandler: Because, I'm too afraid.

Rachel: I don't know, I mean I would give anything to work for a designer,
you know, or a buyer.... Oh, I just don't want to be 30 and still work

Chandler: Yeah, that'd be much worse than being 28, and still working here.

Excerpt from the TV Show "Friends"