Kirk Returned To The Table Carrying A Small Magtape With Him.

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Kirk returned to the table carrying a small magtape with him.

"Captain", said Spock, "from the fact your carrying an archaic form of
software distribution with a proprietary label on it, I conclude that
you have somehow reached the ENTERP:: and obtained a copy of CRASHME
translated into Pascal. What I don't understand is how you managed to
have wet your trousers in the process."

"Shut up Spock - one word of this and I'll let INFO-VAX know you
understand Cobol."

"A trick of the light I'm sure"

Kirk turned to Pascal: "take this - it contains the key to your future".

"You don't mean I need a license PAK to run it ?;"

"Not that sort of key - come on Spock, time to RET".

Pascal and the linker gazed at the tape. The linker whispered:

"better remove the propietary label, unless you want to be charged with
being a capitalist spy."

"We are most grateful;
How can we repay you;"

"Well", said Kirk, "there is something."

"Name it;"

"Do you think you could not insist that you have to declare procedures in
the reverse order that you call them ? It always seems strange to have to put
the main program last".

"And", said Spock, "how about passing strings by descriptor like everyone
else ?"

"Next Major Release, I promise;"

Kirk and Spock entered /dev/john drawing strange looks from some of the
other people in the bar.