Here Is The /usr/pub Directory;" Nowhere Else Will You Find A More Dispicable Collectio

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"Here is the /usr/pub directory;"
Nowhere else will you find a more dispicable collection;
of bugs and viruses. We must be careful;"

The party descended down the side of the inode to /usr/pub, out of which
came the noise of riotous drinking, with the occasional hint of drunken

From the distance came two figures, one mounted on a chestnut filesystem
one walking sullenly behind. The mounted figure was pointing his finger at

"Oh", said Pascal, "That's Don X the 11th of Athena in the Land of MIT;
And behind him is his servant, Sancho Motif;"

"Fascinating", said Spock, "this is the man who invented Windmills, on
which our DECWindmills was based. It would be most interesting to talk
to him. What memories he must have!"

"At least 16 Megs in order to run Windmills, Spock", replied Kirk, "but
we haven't time at the moment".

As the approached, Kirk was startled to see an old 20th century alarm clock
suddenly appear in the air beside Don X's head.

"Sancho!", Don X shouted, "Cut that out!"

The clock vanished, and the pair passed them by, with Sancho shuffling
awkwardly behind his session manager.

"Those shoes look uncomfortable", said Kirk.

"That is the MIT binding, which only;
fits shoes of size C comfortably;", explained Pascal.