I Think I Have An Idea". The Bridge Crew Groaned. They Were Already Shivering In Their Underclothes Because Scotty Was Convinced That Static Interference From The Uniforms Was Affecting The CAPTAINS.

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"I think I have an idea".

The bridge crew groaned. They were already shivering in their underclothes
because Scotty was convinced that static interference from the uniforms was
affecting the CAPTAINS.LOG.

"Scotty, I'm a doctor, not a cryogeneticist", growled the Diagnostic Supervisor,
"this one had better be good".

"Oh never mind the console, it's not on contract anyway. I mean about
rescuing the landing party. Mr Checksum, please activate SYSGEN and load
the NFS Client Driver. We are about to impersonate a late moon."