Hi, My Name's Friday. Usually I Work On Thursday. She's My Secretary.

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Hi, my name's Friday. Usually I work on Thursday. She's my secretary. One day
I was dictating to her when a rock crashed into the window, cutting my dick and
her tits. Later on we went to a party that night. On the way we had a flat tire.
I pumped, she jacked, I pumped, she jacked, and then we went out to fix the flat
tire. When we finally got there everyone was jumping for joy. Joy was swinging
naked on the chandelier. Things soon quieted down and people were gay and
blowing bubbles. Bubbles didn't mind though, because he was gay anyway. We went
home and as we watched tv I pet her pussy. Her cat walked in and then her
father, who told me to beat it, so I did. Then I left.