Joke 1 It All Started With A Girlfriend's Birthday Party.

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Joke 1

It all started with a girlfriend's birthday party. Her
boyfriend, who I had known since elementary school, wanted
to give her a suprize party. So he asked me what should we do.
I came up with a plan to kidnap her during dinner. But this
wasn't any kidnapping. What we did was to get three people that
she didn't know to arrive while we where having dinner. Of course
all of these people were speaking a foreign language that she
didn't understand. She was bound, gagged and blindfolded. Then
while everyone drove to the resturant, she was driven around in
a car with three people speaking a foreign language. BTW-she
new something was up and wasn't scared, because she knew something
was up.
Anyway, they bring her into this very nice resturant. We're all
waiting at the table, about 15 of us, and we proceed to start
dinner. Her food was in front of her, but she was still bound
gagged, and blindfolded. After a few moments we untied her, she was
really embarrassed, because everyone in the place was staring at
our table, which was in the middle of the room.
She vowed revenge.

Joke 2
She wanted revenge. So I came up with the idea of getting a baby picture
of my friend, her boyfriend, from his mother, and printing up posters
of it and putting it up all over campus. Out side of his classes, labs,
and work. His mother gave me the most adorable picture of him when he
was a baby with his teddy bear. His features hadn't changed that much
and the way the picture was set up he looked as though he was in a
police line up. So we made it into a "Most Wanted" poster, with a
concise discription, and his name across the top in 40 point type. I
printed up about 150 posters which we put up all over campus. The next
day every where he looked and turned there was a poster, even in some
of the men's rooms around campus. It took him weeks to find all of
the posters.

Joke 3

If you are wondering what all of this is building up to. Here is the
ultimate joke that was pulled. After several more *practical* jokes
which I was the ring leader on. My friends realized that at the hub
of each of the jokes I was the organizer and brains behind the
opperation. So it was my turn.

I really liked this one upper division Economics class that I was taking
that quarter. I was the VP of one of the Econ clubs on campus and everyone
knew who I was including the professor. Well, one Friday afternoon while
this class was meeting. One of those warm afternoons where everyone in
the class is dozing, including the professor. All of a sudden three
people enter the class in surgical grab, masks, protective gloves, boots,
green suits, the works and a wheelchair.(I learned later that they had
*borrowed* all of these items from the medical school.) Anyway, the looked
like the real thing. They went up to the professor and told him that they
were looking for me because I had contracted a infectious disease, and
needed to be removed from class immediately. They handed him a very official
looking document and started for me with the wheel chair. You could have
seen the people around me move, them my *friends* wheeled me across the
length of the campus screaming "out of the way infectious person."

When I went back to class the next week, the professor looked at me oddly
and asked if I was OK to be out. He really believed the whole thing.

and that's it. hope you enjoyed it...
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