Hi There. I'm A Detective. My Name Is Friday. I Work On Saturday.

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Hi there. I'm a detective. My name is Friday. I work on Saturday. She's my
secretary. A guy walked by my office, I knew he was tall; we're on the seventh
floor. Last week, a woman walked into my office. She pulled out a pair of 45s,
then she pulled out a gun. She invited me to a party that night. As we were
driving to the party, we got a flat tire. I pumped, she jacked, I pumped, she
jacked, then we got out and fixed the tire. When we got to the party, everyone
was feeling merry, but Mary had to leave. Then everyone started jumping for
joy, but Joy got a headache...so we left. We went to her place. A rock broke
through the window and hit her in the breast, I broke three fingers. I started
petting her pussy, then her cat walked in. Her husband showed up...told me to
beat it, so I did, then I left.