Jesus, Moses And A Very Old Man Are Playing Golf.

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Jesus, Moses and a very old man are playing golf. At the first
hole there was a water puddle aprox 10 ft. from the hole. The first one
to go was Moses. He swung and it was a beautiful shot but it headed right
for the water puddle. Moses opened his eyes widely and the water split
down the middle and the ball rolled through. The ball finnally stopped
about 5 ft from the hole.
Jesus looked at Moses and said "Good shot Moses."
Jesus was up next. He swung and it was a beautiful shot but it was
also heading directly for the water puddle. So Jesus opened his eyes very
wide and the golf ball sprouted legs and walked on the water. The ball
finnally stopped about 3 ft from the hole.
Moses looked at Jesus and said "Good shot Jesus."
Finnally, it was the older man's turn. He swung and being a weak old
man he only hit the ball about 15 ft. but before the ball stopped a gofer
picks the ball up and begins to run away, then an eagle swoops down and
grabs the gofer and begins to fly away with it, then a bolt of lightning
strikes the eagle, the eagle drops the gofer, the gofer hits the ground, the
ball flies out of its mouth and into the hole.
Jesus looks over at the old man and says "Good shot Dad."