God And St. Peter Were Playing Golf One Day. St.

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God and St. Peter were playing golf one day. St. Peter teed his
ball up and hit it. It was a real nice shot about three hundred
yards down the fairway.

Then God teed his ball up. He took a big swing and hit it.

At first it looked like a real nice shot. Then all of a sudden,
it hooked and started for the woods. Just before it went into the
woods, a bird flew out and grabbed the ball and flew over the
water trap and let it go.

Just before it went into the water, a turtle surfaced. The ball
landed on it's back as he swam to the shore. Just as the turtle
got to the shore, a squirrel ran out of the woods and grabbed the
ball. Then the squirrel ran up on the green and dropped the ball
in the cup.

St. Peter turned to God and said, "Are we gonna play golf, or are
you gonna fuck around!!"