Jesus And Moses Went To The Links One Morning To Play A Round Of Golf.

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Jesus and Moses went to the links one morning to play a round of
golf. Moses, out of deference, allowed Jesus to tee off first. The
Lord squared up to the tee and proceeded to whack his ball directly
into a water hole. Feeling it inappropriate that he should make his
Master chase down His own slice, Moses offered to recover the ball.
He proceeded to trot down to the water trap. He raised his arms,
parting the water, and walked out into the water trap to recover the
Finally, Moses returned to the tee, puffing and panting. He handed
Jesus his ball, only to see Him repeat His previous shot. "I'm
getting too old for this," Moses said. "You'll have to go get it
Jesus agreed and headed off to recover his ball. In the meantime,
another group came up to the tee where Moses was. Seeing Jesus
walking around on top of the water hazard, looking for his ball, the
new arrival remarked, "Who's he think he is? Jesus Christ?"
"No," Moses replied. "He thinks He's Arnold Palmer."