A Priest And Nun Are Playing Golf. They Come To The First Hole And The Nun Goes First.

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A priest and nun are playing golf. They come to the first hole and
the nun goes first. She swings and the ball goes beautifully. It
was a hole in one. The Priest rolls his eyes and goes. He slices
and the ball goes deep in the ruff. The prieat says "Damnit!"
The nun gives him a dirty look and the go an to the next hole.
This time the nun goes and hits another hole in one and the prieat gets
up and slices into the ruff again. He says "Damnit I did it again!"
It goes on this way until the 17th hole. On the 17th hole the nun
again gets a hole in one and the priest slices into the ruff and says
"Damnit I did it again!" This time the nun looks at him and says, "If
you don't stop using language like that a lightning bolt will come
out of the heavens an strike you dead!" The priest shrugs it off by
saying under his breath, "Yeah, yeah."

At last they come to the 18th hole and the nun gets up and again hits a
hole in one. (That's right you too can score an 18 at golf if you become
a nun) The priest gets up and slices into the ruff. Again he says,
"Damnit I did it again!" Now he had done it for the cloudsa cam rolling in
and a lightning bolt came down from heaven and struck the nun dead. The
clouds parted and a voice from heaven said "DAMNIT I DID IT ADAIN!"

From: jsb@b.cs.wvu.wvnet.edu (Jeffrey S. Blatt)