A Guy Gets On A Bus And Notices A Nun Sitting Over In A Corner.

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A guy gets on a bus and notices a nun sitting over in
a corner. Through her heavy head piece he just spots a glimmer
of her face. Gorgeous! She moves, and her vestments cannot
hide the fact she has a truly phenomenal body. The guy gets
more and more excited until he finally approaches the nun and
says, "Sister, I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I
think I love you. Can we get together some time?"

The nun leaves the bus in a huff.

Later as the guy is about to leave the bus himself, the bus
driver asks the guy if he was the one who was bothering the
nun. The guy again apologizes, explaining once again that
he seldom did this sort of thing, but the bus driver says:
"No, don't apologize, I was checking her out myself. In
fact, let me do you a favor. Did you see where she got
off? There's a little park there, and every day she goes
there to pray at the same time. Go there tomorrow, and maybe
you'll get lucky!"

The guy thanks him and leaves.

Sure enough, the guy goes to the park and there's the little
nun in a secluded spot by some trees. He goes off into the
bushes, and comes back a few minutes later in a long white
robe, a long blond wig with beard and a crown of thorns.
The nun is flabbergasted, and asks what she can do for him.
He says that every couple of thousand years, he likes to
come back to earth to get laid. The nun says that she'd
love to help him, but that she was on her period, and
would the back door be OK?

He says fine, and they commence their activities.

A few minutes into it, he is suddenly overcome with a blast
of guilt, and says, panting, "Sister, I have to tell you
something. I'm not really Jesus, I'm actually the guy
who was annoying you on the bus yesterday."

The nun says, "Oh, that's OK. In fact, I'm not really
a nun. I'm actually the bus driver."