Three Travelling Salesmen Had Car Trouble Out In Kansas, So They Walked To A Farmer's House.

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Three travelling salesmen had car trouble out in Kansas, so they walked to
a farmer's house. "The nearest gas station with a phone is 50 miles from
here," said the farmer, "but you can stay tonight in the guest room - just
don't stick your dicks in the three holes your bathroom wall." The salesmen
agreed, and went to their room. That night curiosity got the better of them.
The first salesman went for it. "Wow, this is great! It's the best I've
ever had!" moaned the first salesman. Hearing this, the second guy stepped
up next to the first and stuck his dick in the second hole. After a few
strokes, the second salesman said, "It's not great, but better than
nothin'." Hearing this the third salesman had to check things out for
himself. The third salesman had no sooner stuck his dick in the third hole
than he began screaming uncontrollably. In less than a minute, the farmer
burst into their room. The first salesman asked the farmer what was in the
holes."Well," replied the farmer, "the first one is my daughter, the second
one is my cow, and the third one is my milking machine - but don't worry,
it cuts off after 55 gallons ..."